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Customised, Branded Tampers 

Espresso Products offer high quality, professional, coffee tampers with weighted, solid, stainless steel flat bases and aluminium handles. Personalise your sleek and stylish coffee tamper with professional laser engraving, either add your company name or logo to your tamper to make a great promotional tool or gift.

Learning to make the perfect espresso is like perfecting a very fine art. The aromatic roasted coffee beans need to be evenly compressed using a coffee tamper in order to get the very richest flavour. A high quality coffee tamper can make the world of difference to the end result.

The coffee tamper is used to flatten the ground coffee so that water can easily pass through it. When choosing a coffee tamper the most important thing to check is the size of the tamper that you are going to need. Check your coffee machine’s instruction manual or ask the manufacturer to find out what size coffee tamper will fit into your machine. If your coffee tamper is too small then it will only tamp some of your coffee but if it’s too big then it won’t fit into your filter basket.

Don’t settle for anything less than the very best dark-roast coffee beans made with a high quality coffee tamper for the perfect refreshing espresso coffee.

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