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Barista Tools & Coffee Making Accessories

Professional baristas and coffee aficionados alike will find everything they need to create the best drinks.
Coffee is so sensitive that the type of shot glass you use and the temperature and the speed at which water flows through the grinds affect the final flavour of your coffee. By using the best barista tools you’ll produce the best tasting coffee.

Espresso Products offer an extensive selection of top brand, quality barista tools and coffee making accessories to complete your café, coffee shop or home set up.

You’ll find every type of practical coffee shop accessory here at Espresso Products, including some that serve a more decorative purpose such as the walnut tamper holder.  Other accessories include measuring devices such as shot glasses, weighing scales and temperature sensitive stickers.

Running a cupping session?

Get your cupping glasses and cupping tray right here for the most professional experience. Cupping glasses work well for serving certain coffee drink too such as latte and flat white.

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